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Service Level Agreement
Service Level Agreement
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As an enterprise-user of the Pickler application, you can rely on Pickler’s service level agreement (SLA) which outlines the support procedures and guidelines provided by the Pickler support team. This SLA is provided by Pickler and is specifically designed to ensure a seamless experience with the Pickler application and assistance from the Pickler support team.

This SLA is an integral part of the main agreement, which covers various aspects such as term and termination, limitation of liability, and more. The terms of the main agreement also apply to this SLA. However, if there is a conflict or inconsistency between the contents of this SLA and the contents of the main agreement, this SLA agreement’s contents take precedence.

Technical support will only be provided to users when this has been explicitly agreed upon by parties.

Updating this SLA

This SLA may be updated with a notice period of 30 days, and the new version will replace the previous one as the binding agreement between you and Pickler. We will send you an email if we decide to change this SLA.

Applicability third party SLA’s, infrastructure

The Pickler application relies on (open source) software and various third-party software components to function properly. As such, the third-party SLA’s and/or terms of service /license are applicable to this SLA and form an integral part thereof:


Pickler will use reasonable endeavors to achieve the availability as described below:

We aim to provide an availability for the Pickler application of 98% per month. This is calculated as a percentage of total uptime during the month, excluding scheduled maintenance periods.

*Any period of time when the Pickler application is unavailable.

General SLA communication

Every customer using the Pickler application gets updated on the availability and security.

Availability reporting

Our Pickler application is continuously monitored, and reports are available upon your request.

Security breaches

In the event of a general security breach, our team will take swift action to identify and address the issue. As part of our commitment to transparency and communication, we will reach out directly to all customers to inform them of the breach and provide guidance on any necessary steps they should take.

Software releases

Information about software updates is published on the news channel available via the chat menu in the application and via our blog

We aim to ensure that software is released in a consistent, reliable, and timely manner, while minimizing the risk of negative impact on your business operations.

You acknowledge that there may be some unavoidable downtime during software releases, and you agree to work with us to minimize any impact this may have on your business.

Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance of the Pickler application will be communicated one week in advance by email. However, maintenance outside of normal working hours (9 a.m. until 5 p.m.) will be carried out without prior notice.


Please note that this SLA, as well as any applicable service levels, including availability and response times, do not apply to any performance or availability issues:

  • that are due to a force majeure event;

  • that are caused by your negligence, abuse or misuse of the Pickler application;

  • that are related to incidents, if you fail to provide our support team with the needed information or action within the set number of days;

  • if Pickler has provided you with advice regarding the modification of your use of the Pickler application and you fail to follow such advice;

  • arising from your unauthorized use of the Pickler application or any actions taken by unauthorized individuals who gain access to the Pickler application through the use of your password or equipment;

  • resulting from downtime of (parts of) the Pickler application if Pickler has decided to turn-off (parts of) the Pickler application, in response to a security breach, in order to limit its impact.

If Pickler, on your request, performs work related to the topics (“exclusions”) listed above, Pickler shall charge you for this separately according to its current rates and costs incurred.  

Data protection and security

We shall ensure the highest standards of data protection and security in accordance with industry best practices and applicable laws and regulations. For example, we implement appropriate security measures to protect data from unauthorized access or use. If a data breach is detected, we will contact you without undue delay. Please contact us for more information about data protection and the security of the Pickler application.

If needed, we will process the data you have stored in the Pickler application (and any results specific to your company) for the purpose of troubleshooting issues and providing support. We may also conduct data comparisons and analytics in anonymous form for the purpose of improving the application, security, and the user experience.  Beyond this, and any exceptions mentioned in the terms of service, we shall not disclose data (and any results specific to your company), without your permission.

Upon termination of the agreement, you may request us to delete any data we have of your company (this includes any results specific to your company).

Incident severity, response & recovery times

We will classify reported incidents based on the information provided by you. If we need more information to classify the incident, we will contact you. The severity of the reported incident will be determined by us, using various assessment methods. Typically, reported incidents will fall into one of the following categories:

*Please note that the table above provides the recovery & response times aimed for by Pickler, using reasonable endeavours.

**Please note that the SLA recovery times mentioned are measured from the moment you have given all the required information / have taken the required action.

***Level 1 incidents take priority over other incidents.

How to report an incident

In order to ensure efficient handling of incidents, both the customer submitting the incident and the support team of Pickler are expected to fulfill their commitments.


You must report an incident by sending an email to [email protected] or via the intercom chat in the application.

Your commitment

In order to resolve any issues as quickly and effectively as possible, we will need to receive the following information from you when reporting an incident:  

  • Summary of the incident: complete description and current status of the incident 

  • Actions to reproduce the incident

  • Provide a screenshot or video of the incident   

We may ask you for additional information to properly understand the incident at hand, and you will provide such requested information as soon as possible. 

You understand and acknowledge that, in providing the support services, we are reliant upon the completeness and accuracy of the information provided to us by you. We will close an incident if you have failed to provide the required information or action within 7 workings days.

Pickler’s commitment

Pickler shall use reasonable endeavours to align with the response & recovery times as defined in “Incident severity, response & recovery times” and will use reasonable endeavours to update you on the progress of any issues.

Please note that we may resolve the reported incident through the provision of an update or workaround.  

All support services shall be performed on working days between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. and will be provided in the Dutch language, unless agreed otherwise. 

Do you feel that your incident is not being handled as it should be?

You have the option of escalation.

Escalations can be addressed to the following persons:






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Daan van Hal




Janno Kapritsias



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