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Explaining scenario products

Scenario products are dummy products you can use in sales to calculate footprints for non-existing products or products that you don't own.

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"My current supplier sells me virgin PE films. Do you know the actual impact difference if I'd switch to your recycled PE films?"

This - is the type of question scenario products help you answer. Let's dive in.

What are scenario products in Pickler?

There are two types of products in Pickler. (1) Inventory products and (2) scenario products. Scenario products are part of the sales subscription in Pickler. They are dummy products you can create to calculate and compare the estimated footprints for:

  • Non-existing products

  • Products that you don't own

This enables you to improve your sales services by tailoring your offers based on the client's needs and questions.

Scenario products vs inventory products

Inventory products are products you own and sell. Scenario products are products based a scenario, you don't have ownership over the product data. Contrary to inventory products, they:

  • Don't represent products that you own

  • Are shared outside of Pickler accompanied with a scenario warning banner

  • End of life stage can be changed

How do you make a scenario product?

Scenario product can be made by:

1) Duplicating existing inventory products and then editing;

2) Made from scratch (same as inventory product, but saved as scenrio product).

Learn how to add scenario products here.

How to use scenario products to win sales

Scenario products excel when used in comparisons where they can be used to quickly compare emissions between A and B.

  • Recreate products of customers to show how much better yours are

  • Recreate products of competitors the see how you do against them

  • Make copies from inventory products, change variables and see the impact

  • Can be used for procurement (future products)

  • Understand how different end-of-life scenarios impact the footprint

Let's take the example from the start of the article:

"My current supplier sells me virgin PE films. Do you know the actual impact difference if I'd switch to your recycled PE films?"

You can create a scenario product based on the product data your potential client shares about the virgin PE film they currently purchase. Compare it to your recycled PE film (inventory product) in Pickler's comparison feature and show the impact reduction potential!

Best practices for scenario products

Master using scenarios in your sales:

Why scenario products can't be used in marketing

In marketing, you're only allowed to make claims based on data you own/ can prove: your inventory products.

Scenario products are based on scenarios, not real-life proof. Hence, why scenario products can only be used in sales where context can be provided to guide decision-making for customers.

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