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Being flexible with scenario products
Being flexible with scenario products

Discover this dynamic and quick way of predicting the footprints of non-inventory products.

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Scenario products are dummy products that can be used to calculate footprints for non-existing products or products that you don't own.

They can be duplicated from existing products or made from scratch.

Scenario products excel when used in comparisons where they can be used to quickly compare emissions between A and B.

How scenario products are different from inventory products

  • Don't represent products that you own

  • Can't be shared outside of Pickler

  • End of life stage can be changed

What they can be used for

  • Recreate products of customers to show how much better yours are

  • Recreate products of competitors the see how you do against them

  • Make copies from inventory products, change variables and see the impact

  • Can be used for procurement (future products)

  • Understand how different end of life scenario's impact the footprint

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