What is Pickler?

A brief explanation of what Pickler is and what you can use it for.

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What is Pickler?

Pickler is powerful footprint calculation software for the packaging industry. It's designed to easily calculate the environmental footprint of packaging (at scale) and make science-based environmental claims in your sales, marketing, and reporting.

Pickler is the first packaging footprint software specifically built to be understandable for non-experts and used for communication in line with anti-greenwashing legislation.

What can you use Pickler for?

Pickler for Sales:

Win customers with science-based environmental evidence for packaging.

Easily answer sustainability questions from customers, with evidence of the environmental impact of your packaging.

Compare the environmental impact of different packaging products, portfolios, materials, and processes and share it via PDF, print, or QR code. Help buyers make informed sustainability decisions, meet their sustainability targets, and comply with regulations (e.g. CSRD).

Pickler's comparison feature.

Pickler for Marketing:

Stand out with credible environmental sustainability.

Attract a like-minded audience. Back up your marketing with science-based environmental claims for your packaging. Completely in line with anti-greenwashing legislation.

Show your commitment to credible sustainability, and guide your customers at the earliest stages. Use Pickler's extensive sharing features and impact reports to share footprint results in your marketing channels- or integrate them into your e-commerce.

Pickler's impact widgets for e-commerce.

Why Choose Pickler?

1. Credibility

Our LCA-based eco-cost methodology, from Sustainability Impact Metrics (TU Delft Spin-off), complies with ISO 14008. Using the IDEMAT reference database, which follows the EF and is compliant with ISO 140040, 140044, EN15804, and ILCD LCA handbook.

2. Easiest in the industry

Same scientific method and results (LCA) - easier approach. Pickler is specifically made for non-experts and companies lacking supplier data.

3. Anti-greenwashing Legislation

Pickler meets anti-greenwashing requirements for understandable, up-to-date, and non-deceptive sustainability communication set by the EU Green Claims Directive and the Dutch Authority for Consumer Markets (ACM).

4. 100% tailored to packaging

Pickler is built for the needs of the packaging industry. Our database, software, and algorithms are 100% tailored to packaging materials, processes, and legislation (e.g. CSRD, SUP, EPR, etc).

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