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How do we make sustainability claims easy to understand for non-experts
How do we make sustainability claims easy to understand for non-experts
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When communicating sustainability claims to non-experts, it is important to use language that is clear and accessible.

The Pickler eco forecast helps to communicate your sustainibility claim in a way that is

  1. Easy to understand: the monotary unit (eco-costs) makes it easy to interpretate the results, as well as the stoplight classification of the eco score that is proven to be easy to understand and familiar for consumers (similar to the Nutri-score, and Energy score).

  2. A complete story: All the necessary facts, such as the eco-costs and CO2-eq per life cycle stage are explained in the eco forecast. The steps and data by behind the calculation are transparant for the user.

  3. Visual: The infographics, charts and colours help to see in one view what the contributions of the different life cycle stages of the product are and make it easy to identify the hotspots of the environmental impact.

  4. Comparable: The comparisons function allows for quick comparisons between products to green up your sales and design choices.

  5. Concise: The information is avalaible and easy to find, but only there when necessary through the information icons and help center, so that it does not distract from the outcomes and the goal.

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