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With what standards does Pickler comply?
With what standards does Pickler comply?

This article describes how the Pickler tool is build on credible standards and methodology.

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The Pickler tool consists of a data input, an environmental screening methodology and an informative labelling (the eco forecast of packaging).

The data calculations (Idemat2022) are in compliance with ISO 140040, 140044, EN15804, and the LCA handbook of the ILCD. The eco-costs indicator system is in compliance with ISO 14008.

The environmental screening methodology follows the guidelines of Sustainability Impact Metrics (TU Delft) that are described in their LCA guide. Moreover, our top priority is to obtain certification for the Pickler tool's calculation method and are therefore in contact with TÜV Rheinland.

The eco forecast of packaging is in compliance with the Authority consumer & market of the Netherlands (ACM).

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