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What if other suppliers do not fill in the correct data?
What if other suppliers do not fill in the correct data?
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The Pickler methodology ensures the credibility of LCA data by requiring input data to be supported by proof from suppliers. By using this approach, the data can be relied upon to make credible claims about the environmental impact of a product or service. The input data includes the weight and type of packaging, type of material(s) used, percentage weight of each material, type of processing, transport locations, the weight of pallets, and mode of transport.

To avoid errors in the input data, Pickler generates suggestions based on the material being analyzed, such as for the type of processing. If a supplier enters data incorrectly, their account will be suspended, and an investigation will be conducted to determine the source of the error. Intentional submission of false or misleading data not only compromises the integrity of the analysis but also damages the product or service's reputation, and may result in fines being imposed.

Pickler is committed to complete transparency in the sources of the data. This means that everyone should be able to reproduce the results of the calculations. If any irregularities or improvements are identified, please inform us, and we will verify the outcomes with the supplier or Sustainability Impact Metrics.

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