How do I share an eco forecast?

Step by step explainer how to share an eco forecast.

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Pickler is all about transparently sharing your footprint results with stakeholders. This is how you share your eco forecast.

If you go to the top right of your eco forecast, you'll find the 'share' button. This offers a couple of sharing options.

1. Share via an active link

You can set an expiry date and choose if you want to disclose detailed information.

2. Share via a personalized QR Code

Add your logo and share your eco forecast via a QR code. E.g. you can print your QR code on packaging, bringing impact transparency to end-consumers.

3. Share via PDF

Print your eco forecast as a PDF and send it to relevant stakeholders e.g. customers who need it for their own reporting.

4. Share via impact widget

You can bring impact transparency to your customers on your website already, Especially if you're in e-commerce, using Pickler's impact widgets is a great functionality.

You can choose from three claims to put on your product pages:

  1. Environmental Impact Score

  2. Eco-costs

  3. CO2-eq per piece

Copy the code to your website, or use Pickler API (contact sales) to add it in bulk and you're done! Providing your customers with the proof they need to make truly environmentally sustainable choices.

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