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How do I add a production method?
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1. Why add your own production method?

Adding your own production method means you're adding the specific energy consumption your supplier uses to produce the material/product - instead of Pickler's market average energy consumption.

This most often results in better environmental impact results than the market average. Helping you make your product and its supplier stand out from other products in sales.

2. How to add your own production method:

  • Go to 'data management' in your main menu.

  • Stay in the tab 'materials'. Scroll to the reference material for which you want to add a unique production method.

  • Click on the 'production method' bar and scroll down to the bottom.

  • Click on '+ Add new'

  • Fill out the details in the window and click on 'save'.

  • After you save your production process, search for it in the drop-down and click on it to add it to your mapping.

  • Click on save.

    • *Please note: You should always provide a link to supplier evidence (online pdf or live link) that proves you are honest about your input numbers. Pickler completely adheres to anti-greenwashing regulations that require 100% transparency and evidence for input data.

    • Example: link to online pdf from your supplier explaining where they got their data and why it's correct + a signature.

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