Adding your products to Pickler

A quick explanation of adding products using our form, CSV upload or API.

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Pickler calculates the environmental footprint of your packaging. This all starts with you adding your products.

Lifecycle assesments are complex and getting the right product data in to Pickler can therefore be a challenge sometimes.

We are doing everything to overcome these hurdles, by implementing clever algorithms to predict missing data, by asking for just the data that you will very likely have and by giving you three ways of adding products.

How to add products to Pickler

Product form

A form packed with clever logic and algorithms to help you add products to your Pickler portfolio in no time. Best fit for smaller portfolios.

CSV Import

Export your products as CSV and import to Pickler. As long as you have a product name and inventory number in place, your file is fit to be imported.

With clever ways of mapping your data to the data we need, you can start your journey towards footprint calculations for your products.


For bigger enterprises with vast ERP software, we build our API. Your IT department will be needed for implementation, but when it is set up you will have all the footprint data live and up to date in your systems.

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