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Why do I need to start now with Pickler?
Why do I need to start now with Pickler?

Every footprint calculation requires evidence and collecting this evidence is time consuming.

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Every footprint calculation requires evidence. The upcoming EU law on green washing will prohibit green claims that are not backed up by good evidence. Since we see that accurate data is not widely available across the packaging industry, it can easily take 6-12 months to get high quality data from your supplier.

With Pickler we help you in an efficient manner to collect the right amount of data and help you to fill in the blanks in the meantime. Front runners are already starting by requesting reliable footprint data from their suppliers, since they know it can take some time.

Meanwhile the regulations will become stricter on the amount of assumptions that a company is able to make to create product footprint claim. Therefore we suggest that companies start as soon as possible by collecting high quality data from their value chain in order to not miss the fast demand increase for sustainable products.

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