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What do I gain from using Pickler?
What do I gain from using Pickler?

How evidence based green claims help your business grow and prepare you for the future.

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What do I gain from using Pickler?

Win over customers

There is a fast growing demand for truly sustainable products. With Pickler you can win over your customers by providing them with evidence based answers to their questions about your contribution to climate change and impact on eco systems.

The footprints created via Pickler can be easily shared via social media, email marketing, or on websites to educate your customers about sustainability. It helps your company to share transparent stories of their sustainable practices, and it explains how your products are made.

We also offer iFrames for eCommerce and an API connecting to help your company make up-to-date green claims at scale.

Help your customers to reduce their footprint and optimize your margin

Use Pickler to give your customers insights in their current emissions and how they can be reduced when switching to your more sustainable packaging. With Pickler you are able to optimize the footprint v.s. cost ratio on product level. With our bench marking tool it becomes easy to optimize between price and footprint and share to the options with your customers.

Keep your stakeholders happy

Not only customers want to know what they are buying, stakeholders too. Since sustainability is of high priority for many, banks, shareholders but also employees will need more than just a promise about how green your business is.

Promote your sustainability

Pickler gives you the tools to easily share, print or publish eco forecasts and comparisons. That means your sustainability efforts can now be seen by everyone, in a transparant and easy to understand fashion.

Feel more confident when talking to customers

With Pickler, you don’t need to hide behind inconclusive certificates or hearsay when talking to customers. Let the evidence speak for itself.

Stay ahead of competition

Be one the first with evidence based sustainability claims at scale and exceed your competition.

Be prepared for upcoming regulations

Not knowing what your emissions are is risky for you and your customers. Upcoming regulations like the Green Deal are on the horizon and soon it will no longer be allowed to make green claims without evidence and reporting on CO2 will be mandatory.

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