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What do I need to get started?
What do I need to get started?

The product category, a list of main materials per product and the production location or an EPD.

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Starting with Pickler is easy. Having an EPD of your product would be ideal, but we know that this is almost never the case. Therefore we help companies to get up an running quickly in the right direction.

The minimum amount of data to make the first step is:

  • Product category

  • Main materials of your product

  • Production location

In order to make the next step in data quality the following data will be needed:

  • Amount and energy source used for the production process (kWh / KG)

  • Logistics details (pallet weight and dimensions)

  • Transport methods and distances (truck, ship, train or plane)

  • Waste % during the production process

For all of the supplied data it is important to have a form of evidence to hand over if there are any questions.

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