How is Pickler different?

How Pickler compares to other solutions.

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We believe that the only way of understanding packaging footprints, is by looking at the entire lifecycle of a product.

Many current solutions, such as eco labels, only tell a part of the footprint. Claims about recyclability or compostability are about end of life, where FSC is only about the raw material stage.

These claims are therefore incomplete and tell a biased story.

LCA’s (life cycle analysis) are a great solution. Downside is that they are very expensive, hard to keep up to date and too complex to be used by non-experts.

With Pickler, we introduce a LCA-based way to generate footprint calculations at scale. We automated the work that is usually done by consultants and built a user-friendly interface. Data is updated automatically, so footprint calculations are never outdated.

We don’t stop there, but build tools (such as scenario products, comparisons and eco-forecasts) to translate this data to evidence that can be understood by customers.

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