What is Pickler's mission?

Why and how Pickler wants to help the packaging industry reduce 100 millions tons of CO2-eq in 2025.

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Pickler's mission is to help the packaging industry reduce 100 million tons of CO2-eq in 2025. We do so, by enabling packaging suppliers and buyers to make informed environmental decisions about packaging - based on transparant, up-to-date environmental impact data.

The problem: Sustainable decisions based on...what?

The packaging industry is responsible for a significant amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. These emissions are produced throughout the value chain, from the production of raw materials to the disposal of packaging waste.

The problem: currently, 99% of the packaging industry sells and makes environmental decisions based on gut feelings instead of credible emission data. Even though ESG reporting legislation and anti-greenwashing demands (B2B and B2C) increase every month.

As a result, companies cannot offer customers the information they need to effectively report and reduce their emissions (as required by the CSRD and other ESG frameworks).

Why Informed Decisions Matter

By measuring the environmental impact of their packaging, businesses in the packaging industry can:

  1. Identify the sources of their packaging emissions.

  2. Take steps to reduce them.

  3. Share it with buyers or suppliers to empower impact reduction in the value chain.

Without this information, it is impossible to know where to focus efforts to reduce emissions. Making informed decisions based on accurate data is essential to reducing emissions and making meaningful progress towards a more sustainable future.

The Current State of GHG Emissions

The packaging industry contribution to world wide CO2 is estimated between 3% (Gloabl Packaging Project) and 5% (WWF). Informed decision making can make a big impact in reducing impact.

This includes emissions from the production, transportation, and waste of packaging products. With the continued growth of e-commerce and the increased demand for online shopping, these emissions are only expected to increase. Businesses in the packaging industry must take action now - to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.


Reducing emissions in the packaging industry is essential to combatting climate change and other impacts on ecosystems and land use. Accurate environmental data is key to achieving this goal.

Without knowing where emissions are coming from, it is impossible to take effective action to reduce them. By measuring their impact using software like Pickler, businesses in the packaging industry can make informed decisions about how to reduce their emissions and contribute to a more sustainable future. Completely in line with Anti-greenwashing Legislation.

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